Cochrane launches Cochrane International Mobility Programme

The Cochrane International Mobility programme (CIM) builds on previous successful student exchanges involving Cochrane Centres around the world. A broader initiative involving twelve Cochrane Groups has now been launched as a pilot by Cochrane People Services Department.

Successful applicants will complete a placement in a host Group, learning more about the production, use and knowledge translation of Cochrane reviews.

Gain skills and experience
Arrangements are flexible and placements can vary in length, depending on the project plan. Placements are typically self-funded. Participants completing postgraduate study have benefitted from university funding, and some Groups can offer work space or accommodation. Training and mentoring support is offered in different areas, specific to Groups' expertise.

Chris Champion, Head of People Services, Cochrane Central Executive, said “This is an exciting opportunity to pilot ways to support community learning and development that makes the most of Cochrane’s network of members across the globe. The programme offers opportunities for people involved in Cochrane - particularly at an early stage in their careers - to benefit from experiences in other contexts. It also encourages networking and skills development across Groups both for those who are visiting and for those supporting them.”

Learn from each other
Cochrane International Mobility offers opportunities for learning and training not only for participants but also for host staff. Cochrane Croatia welcomed a student intern this summer as part of the fledgling programme.
“I’m very grateful to Cochrane Croatia for hosting me and for this wonderful experience, and I’m sure I’ll be using all the skills I learned as I continue on in my academic career,” said Sarah Tanveer, Cochrane International Mobility participant, summer 2019.

Tina Poklepović Peričić, Co-director, Cochrane Croatia added, “This was an encouraging experience for us all, and spending time with Sarah, exchanging experiences, teaching and working with her was a true refreshment to our Centre.”

Apply now
Find out more about the programme on Cochrane Training or search for opportunities on Cochrane TaskExchange.

You can also read an interview with our Director Matteo Bruschettini about this initiative at Cochrane Sweden.